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Element - Racial Conflict (Civil Rights Movement)



Large collection of articles about the Civil Rights Movement from British history site designed for students.


Very good site resulting from a collaboration of US Government agencies called We Shall Overcome: Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement..


Interesting site from the University of Virginia about the Civil Rights Movement.


The official website of Malcolm X, the militant black leader who disagreed with King.


This four-page timeline is a great resource from the PBS series called African American World. Each entry contains a summary of the event and the main players with links to National Public Radio (audio) and PBS features. Not just political, covers society and culture as well.


Key Personality – Martin  Luther King


Site called Citizen King includes biography, primary sources, special features, timeline, maps and more.


Interactive site that allows you to explore the life of Dr. Martin Luther King through documents, photos, audio and video.


A photo essay on the life of King from Time Magazine


Website of the Martin Luther King National Memorial in Washington DC.

Finally, the Encyclopaedia Britannica has a detailed page of notes covering all aspects of Dr King's life incuding excerpts from the 'I have a dream' speech. (Britannica is only freely available through the Schools Broadband.)



Case Study - Montgomery Bus Boycott


Good one page history about the Montgomery Bus Boycott with links to related articles


Excellent site from the Montgomery Advertiser newspaper with biographies, timelines and detail on the event.


Examines the Montgomery Bus Boycott with the aid of primary documents from the National Archives and Records Administration in the US.


Good easy to follow article about Rosa Parks and the boycott, including an examination of its importance.

World Book bio of Rosa Parks (only accessible through Schools Broadband).


Very professional piece from the US Academy of Achievement about Rosa Parks. Includes biography, interview and photographs.


Piece on the boycott from Alabama Department of Archives and History.


Contemporary BBC news report with timeline and background information.


This collection of 9 primary sources is from a US website called tolerance.org. With corresponding activities and questions it is useful for both teachers and students.

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